Handheld Electric Massager WJ-168A

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1. Model: WJ-168A 6. Product name: massage hammer
2. Materials: ABS 7. Massage parts: Neck, Shoulders, Back, Legs
3. Massage techniques: high frequency vibration 8. Weight: 845 grams
4. Specifications: 225×60×230(mm) 9. Function: Portable, Comfortable, Electric
5. Rated power: 25W 10. Input voltage: DC7.4V-9V

Product Usage

1. Promote blood circulation and lymphatic flow;
2. Relieve spasms and relieve muscle pain;
3. Digest scar tissue;
4. Reduce lactic acid accumulation;
5. Tissue softening and activation;
6. Accelerate recovery after injury.

Product Description

1. Using the massage gun before and after exercise helps to effectively activate and restore muscles;
2. Ergonomic and easy-to-use self-myofascial release, people of different ages use its sensitive mode, and the elderly can also quickly learn to operate;
3, 5 kinds of massage adapters and variable speeds, find the best fitness effect for your muscles, the professional deep tissue massage gun can provide instant pain relief and reduce overall stress and anxiety;
4. Relax fascia and muscles;
5. Relax skeletal muscles;
6. Relieve fatigue and soreness;
7. 5 heads/3 speeds.

Product Dimensions: (Length: 225mm × Width: 60mm × Height: 230mm)


Performance graph description


The role and function of the massage gun is to soothe the muscles of the human body and relax them.
The main function of the fascia massage gun is to relieve the spasm and tension of muscles and fascia, loosen local adhesions and nodules, relax muscles and improve local pain symptoms, and reduce muscle fatigue and discomfort after exercise.
It is recommended not to use it on joints or bone protrusions. Blood vessels and nerves are usually shallower at the position passing through the joints. Directly using the fascia gun here is likely to cause damage to blood vessels or nerves.

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