Handheld Electric Massager WJ-166A

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model WJ-166A type massage hammer
Input voltage 220-240V/50-60Hz product name Anti cellulite massager
Function Multi-site massage power supply alternating current
Material ABS Function Physiotherapy, Body Health Massage

Product features

1. Innovative ergonomic design, easy to hold.
2. Easy to carry, shape time and place anytime and anywhere.
3. High-torque motor device, high-speed rotation, powerful.
4. Four sets of massage heads, one machine with four functions (decompression, deep massage, essential oil introduction into fat pushing, removal of dead skin on feet)
5. Five-stage variable speed design, the strength can be adjusted at will.

Product function

1. Easily push away the fat in key parts, remove sagging fat in the waist, abdomen, arms, arms, legs, etc., and also remove dead skin on the feet, making the feet soft and smooth.
2. Equipped with 4 sets of massage heads (smooth, wave, ball, scrub), with functions of decompression, deep massage, essential oil introduction, fat removal, and dead skin removal on feet. Also comes with a protective case to prevent hair from getting caught while massaging the neck.
3. The detachable massage head design allows you to easily replace the massage head according to your needs, and it is more convenient to clean the massage head.
4. Built-in high-torque motor, powerful massage, directly to the pain point.

Applicable people

Nine to five office workers, people who sit for a long time.

Product outline and dimension drawing: (length: 118mm×width: 110mm×height: 160mm)


Performance graph description



The massager can liberate the hands very well, and can massage the human body, thereby dredging the meridians, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, relieving spasms, and relieving muscle fatigue. There are various massagers on the market, including manual massagers, automatic massagers, partial massagers and whole body massagers. You should choose a suitable massager according to the specific situation. The intensity and frequency should be set from small to large during massage. Get used to it gradually. If discomfort occurs during the massage, stop immediately. Some contraindications must be excluded before massage, such as severe osteoporosis or serious organic diseases, are not suitable for massage.

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