Household Atomized Oxygen Machine WJ-A125

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①. Product technical indicators
1. Power Supply:220V-50Hz
2. Rated power:125W
3. Noise:≥60dB(A)
4. Flow range:1-7L/min
5. Oxygen Concentration:30%-90%(As the oxygen flow increases, the oxygen concentration decreases)
6. Overall dimension:310×205×308mm
7. Weight:6.5KG
②. Product features
1. Imported original molecular sieve
2. Imported computer control chip
3. The shell is made of engineering plastic ABS
③. Environmental restrictions for transportation and storage.
1. Ambient temperature range:-20℃-+55℃
2. Relative humidity range:10%-93%(no condensation)
3. Atmospheric pressure range:700hpa-1060hpa
④. other
1. Attached with the machine: one disposable nasal oxygen tube, and one disposable atomization component.
2. The safe service life is 1 year. See the instructions for other contents.
3. The pictures are for reference only and subject to the real object.

Product Technical Parameters


Rated power

Rated working voltage

Oxygen concentration range

Oxygen flow range



Scheduled operation

Product size(mm)


Atomizing hole flow



AC 220V/50Hz



(Adjustable 1-5L,oxygen concentration changes accordingly)

≤ 55 dB






WJ-A125 Household atomizing oxygen machine

1. Digital display, intelligent control, simple operation;
2. One machine for two purposes, oxygen generation and atomization can be switched;
3. Pure copper oil-free compressor with longer service life;
4. Imported molecular sieve, multiple filtration, more pure oxygen;
5. Portable, compact and vehicular;
6. Can be used with car plug.

Product appearance dimension drawing:(Length: 310mm × Width: 205mm × Height: 308mm)


The benefits of the atomization function of the oxygen generator
(1) Acute and chronic asthma and bronchitis need mildew treatment. The zero treatment of the oxygen generator can directly send the medicine into the airway, improve the local anti-inflammatory effect, use less medicine, and go directly to the affected area. The effect is obvious. For bronchiectasis, The treatment of bronchospasm, bronchial asthma, pulmonary suppurative infection, swelling, emphysema, pulmonary heart disease and infection has the best curative effect. Suitable for long-term prevention and treatment, humidify the airway through nebulization inhalation, and add appropriate antibacterial drugs to prevent and control lung infection.
(2) Children’s asthma and colds need chemical treatment. In European and American countries, nebulization is topical administration, and intravenous infusion and oral medicine are systemic administration. In particular, nebulization treatment is the first choice for children with asthma. Traditional treatment methods for children’s asthma are systemic administration. Long-term treatment can lead to damage such as osteoporosis, high blood sugar, and inhibit growth and development in children. However, nebulized inhalation can avoid these problems. The side effects are small and do not affect the baby’s development. The drug star is to take medicine and inject, and the application of atomization treatment is very common.
(3) Beauty spray, beauty and beauty, skin hydration and beauty: dry skin on the face, acne, chloasma, acne, recurrent dermatitis on the face, sun rash, impetigo, moisturizing the skin, etc. Use milk whitening, aloe vera juice, vegetable juice, fruit juice and other natural moisturizers to make the skin look fresh and beautiful! At the same time, oxygen inhalation also has a good effect on beauty.

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