Artistic Pump WJ750-A

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Provide oil-free compressed air source, applicable to beauty, manicure, body painting, etc.

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Artistic pump is a kind of mini air pump with small size, lightweight and small exhaust capacity. The casing and main parts are made of high-quality aluminum alloy, small size and fast heat dissipation. The cup and cylinder barrel are made of special materials, with low friction coefficient, high wear resistance, maintenance-free, and oil-free lubrication design. Therefore, no lubricating oil is required for the gas-making part during the working process, so the compressed air is extremely pure, and is widely used in medicine; environmental protection, breeding, and food chemical, scientific research and automation control industries provide gas sources. However, the most frequent use is in combination with airbrush, which is widely used in beauty salons, body painting, art painting, and various handicrafts, toys, models, ceramic decoration, coloring, etc.

Product appearance dimension drawing: (length: 300mm × Width: 120mm × Height:232mm)





The working principle of the air pump is:
The engine drives the crankshaft of the air pump through two V-belts, thereby driving the piston to inflate, and the pumped gas is introduced into the air storage tank through the air guide tube. On the other hand, the gas storage tank guides the gas in the gas storage tank into the pressure regulating valve fixed on the air pump through an air guide tube, thereby controlling the air pressure in the gas storage tank. When the air pressure in the air storage tank does not reach the pressure set by the pressure regulating valve, the gas entering the pressure regulating valve from the air storage tank cannot push the valve of the pressure regulating valve; when the air pressure in the air storage tank reaches the pressure set by the pressure regulating valve , the gas entering the pressure regulating valve from the air storage tank pushes the pressure regulating valve valve, enters the air passage in the air pump that communicates with the pressure regulating valve, and controls the air inlet of the air pump to normally open through the air passage, so that the air pump operates without load. To achieve the purpose of reducing power loss and protecting the air pump. When the air pressure in the air storage tank is lower than the set pressure of the pressure regulating valve due to loss, the valve in the pressure regulating valve will be returned by the return spring, the control air circuit of the air pump will be disconnected, and the air pump will start to inflate again.

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