Handheld dolphin massager WJ-158A

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Product name Dolphin Massager Model number WJ-158A
Appearance shape Dolphin type Applicable parts Head, Neck, Waist, Hips, Whole Body
Contact type Round massage head Power mode AC
Voltage AC 220-240V Size 40*10.5*10.5cm

The function of the muscular membrane physiotherapy instrument

The muscle membrane physiotherapy instrument is a massage device used for health massage. It has the function of vibration mainly in the following aspects:
1. Eliminate the fatigue caused by intense exercise, and at the same time relax the muscles, so that the skin can be effectively stretched.
2. Eliminate the pain caused by poor blood circulation for many years, making the complexion of the human body better.
3. Eliminate the shoulder spasm caused by sleep stiff neck, so that the shoulder muscles can be effectively relaxed.
4. Eliminate the pain caused by fatigue or rheumatism, and relieve the necrosis of body functions.
5. The massage head is convenient for massaging all parts of the body, and has strong practicability.
6. Burn fat, lose weight locally, and achieve a certain body shaping effect.

Applicable people of muscle membrane physiotherapy instrument

The main applicable groups of muscle membrane physiotherapy instrument are:
1. People who sit for a long time, such as urban white-collar workers, drivers, drivers, students, etc., can prevent lumbar muscle strain;
2. Kidney deficiency or people with low back pain and lumbar muscle strain caused by kidney deficiency;
3. People suffering from lumbar disc herniation can be effectively relieved.
4. Middle-aged and elderly people and those with poor blood circulation.

Who is not suitable for using the muscle membrane physiotherapy device? Not everyone can use the massager. For example, some patients cannot use the muscle membrane physiotherapy device for massage treatment. For example, the local tumor site cannot be massaged with the muscle membrane therapy device; Massage cannot be used during menstruation, as it may lead to irregular menstruation; damaged skin cannot be massaged with a muscle membrane physiotherapist; patients with skin diseases (skin infection, skin suppuration) cannot be massaged with a muscle membrane physiotherapist; if the patient wants to use the muscle membrane Membrane physiotherapy device must consult a doctor.

Maintenance of muscle membrane physiotherapy instrument

1. For daily maintenance, please use a neutral detergent and a soft cloth to scrub. Do not use engine oil, organic solvents or other chemical agents to clean, nor rinse in water.
2. Prevent water or other corrosive liquids from entering the machine to cause malfunctions and damage the machine.
3. Gently push the switch when operating to avoid excessive force. Avoid heavy pressure, and avoid scratching the surface of the massage cushion with sharp and hard objects.
4. Please keep it properly after use. It can be placed in the original box or in a dry and low temperature place.
5. During use, if you find an unresolved fault, please cut off the power immediately, stop using it, and send it to our company for maintenance. Do not disassemble it by yourself.

Medicine believes that back massage can improve human immunity, especially suitable for health care for middle-aged and elderly people. The back can stimulate back tissues and acupoints, and then conduct through the nervous system and meridians to promote local and even whole-body blood circulation, and enhance the functions of the endocrine and nervous systems. Therefore, it can invigorate the yang qi of the whole body, balance yin and yang, strengthen the body and dispel evil, reconcile qi and blood, dredge the meridians, improve the function of viscera, thus greatly improving the body's immunity and disease resistance.


Product Dimensions: (Length: 400mm × Width: 105mm × Height: 105mm)


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