Handheld Electric Massager WJ-156A

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Fat Pushing Massage Instrument

1.Model: WJ-156A 6.Type: Slimming Machine
2.Product Name: Body Massager 7.Voltage: DC 220V
3.Frequency: 50-60Hz 8.Vibration Frequency: 3200 rpm high, 2600 rpm low
4.Function: Multi-position Massage 9.Applicable Scenario: Home, travel, workplace
5.Power Supply Mode: Plug-in 10.Massage Technique: Push and knead

Product function

1.Easily push away the fat in key parts, remove the sagging fat in waist, abdomen, buttocks, arms, legs and other parts, and also remove the dead skin of feet to make them soft and smooth;
2.It is equipped with 4 groups of massage heads (smooth, wave, ball, scrub), which have the functions of decompression, deep massage, essential oil introduction, fat removal, and foot dead skin removal.
3.It is also equipped with a protective cloth cover to prevent hair from being pinched when massaging the neck;
4.The detachable massage head design allows you to easily replace and clean the massage head as required;
5.The high torque motor can direct powerful massage to the pain point.

Product Description

1.Innovative ergonomic design, easy to hold, easy to carry, easy to shape anytime and anywhere.
2.High-torque motor device, high-speed rotation, strong and powerful.
3.Four groups of massage heads, one machine with four functions (decompression, deep massage, essential oil introduction and fat pushing, removing dead skin on feet)
4.Stepless speed change design, the force can be adjusted at will.

Product Dimensions: (Length: 180mm × Width: 110mm × Height: 153mm)


Product Features

1.Small and Powerful;
2.Different vibration forces have different effects;
Low Rotation Speed: the vibration acts on the dermis, and it is applicable to the parts with less fat muscles such as hair and neck;
Medium Rotation Speed: the vibration acts on the fat layer, and it is applicable to the abdomen and other parts with excessive fat;
High Rotation Speed: The vibration acts on the muscle layer, and it is applicable to the parts with more fat muscles such as hands, feet and limbs.

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