Precision Servo DC Motor 46S/7.4V-8A1

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What is a servo DC motor

Servo DC motor refers to the engine that controls the operation of mechanical components in the servo system. The servo system is an automatic control system that makes the position, orientation, state and other output controlled variables of the object, and can follow the arbitrary changes of the input target or given value.

Basic features of servo DC motor: (other models, performance can be customized)

1.Rated voltage: DC 7.4V 5.Rated speed: ≥ 2600 rpm
2.Operating voltage range: DC 7.4V-13V 6.Blocking current: ≤2.5A
3.Rated power: 25W 7.Load current: ≥1A
4.Rotation direction: CW output shaft is above 8.Shaft clearance: ≤1.0mm

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Since the date of production, the safe use period of the product is 10 years, and the continuous working time is ≥ 2000 hours.

Product features

1.Compact, space-saving design;
2.Ball bearing structure;
3.Long service life of brush;
4.External access to brushes allows easy replacement to further extend motor life;
5.High starting torque;
6.Dynamic braking to stop faster;
7.Reversible rotation;
8.Simple two-wire connection;
9.Class F insulation, high temperature welding commutator.


It is widely used in the fields of smart home, precision medical devices, automobile drive, consumer electronics products, massage and health care equipment, personal care tools, intelligent robot transmission, industrial automation, automatic mechanical equipment, digital products, etc.

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