Dental Electric Oil-Free Air Compressor WJ380-10A25/A

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Provide oil-free compressed air source, applicable to dental equipment and other similar equipment and tools.

Product material

The tank body formed by steel die, sprayed with silver white paint, and the main motor is made of steel wire.

Overview of working principle

Working principle of compressor: oil-free air compressor is a miniature reciprocating piston compressor. The motor driven by a single shaft and has a symmetrical distribution of crank and rocker mechanical structure. The main motion pair is piston ring, and the secondary motion pair is aluminum alloy cylindrical surface. The motion pair self-lubricated by the piston ring without adding any lubricant. The reciprocating movement of the crank and rocker of the compressor makes the volume of the cylindrical cylinder change periodically, and the volume of the cylinder changes twice in opposite directions after the motor runs for one week. When the positive direction is the expansion direction of the cylinder volume, the cylinder volume is vacuum. The atmospheric pressure is greater than the air pressure in the cylinder, and the air enters the cylinder through the inlet valve, which is the suction process; when the opposite direction is the direction of volume reduction, the gas entering the cylinder is compressed, and the pressure in the volume increases rapidly. When the pressure is greater than the atmospheric pressure, the exhaust valve opened, and this is the exhaust process. The structural arrangement of single shaft and double cylinders makes the gas flow of the compressor twice that of the single cylinder when the rated speed is fixed, and makes the vibration and noise generated by the single cylinder compressor well solved, and the overall structure is more compact.


Working principle of the whole machine (attached figure)
Air enters the compressor from the air filter, and the rotation of the motor makes the piston move back and forth to compress the air. So that the pressure gas enters the air storage tank from the air outlet through the high-pressure metal hose by opening the one-way valve, and the pointer display of the pressure gauge will rise to 7Bar, and then the pressure switch will automatically close, and the motor will stop working. At the same time, the air pressure in the compressor head will reduced to zero Bar through the solenoid valve. At this time, the air switch pressure and the air pressure in the air tank drop to 5Bar, the pressure switch automatically starts, and the compressor starts to work again.

Product Overview

Because of its low noise and high air quality, dental electric oil-free air compressor is widely used in electronic dust blowing, scientific research, medical and health care, food safety, and community carpentry decoration and other workplaces;
The dental electric oil-free air compressor provides a quiet and reliable compressed air source for laboratories, dental clinics, hospitals, research institutes and other places. The noise is as low as 40 decibels. It can be placed anywhere in the work area without causing noise pollution. It is very suitable for being an independent gas supply center or OEM application range.

Characteristics of dental electric oil-free air compressor

1、Compact structure, small size and light weight;
2、The exhaust is continuous and uniform, without the need for inter-stage intermediate tank and other devices;
3、Small vibration, less vulnerable parts, no need for large and heavy foundation;
4、Except for bearings, the internal parts of the machine do not need lubrication, save oil, and do not pollute the compressed gas;
5、High speed;
6、Small maintenance and convenient adjustment;
7、Quiet, green, environmental friendly, no noise pollution, no need to add lubricating oil;
8、All copper motor, powerful and durable.

Machine Noise≤60DB

Machine noise≤60DB

The sound volume the analogy

300 decibel

240 decibel

180 decibel

150 decibel

140 decibel

130 decibel

120 decibel

110 decibel

100 decibel

90 decibel

plinian volcanic eruption

Hyplinian eruption

common volcanic eruption

rocket, missile launch

jet take off

propeller plane take off

ball mill work

chainsaw work

tractor start

very noisy road










General vehicle driving

speak loudly

general speaking


library, reading room


Whisper softly

The rustle of leaves blown by the wind

just aroused hearing

speak loudly—The noise of the machine is about 60 dB, and the higher the power, the higher the noise will be

From the date of production, the product has a safe use period of 5 years and a warranty period of 1 year.

Product Appearance Dimensions: (Length: 1530mm × Width: 410mm × Height: 810mm)


Performance illustration



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